Intentional Living

Intend to be Happy.

Intend to be happy. Think about what you really want to achieve. What good are your achievements if they don’g bring you happiness? Be sure your intended achievements include and nurture happiness. If they don’t then how will you be able to enjoy them?

Many of us are so busy dealing with whatever life is throwing at us today that we don’t stop to consider what our daily intentions are. Of course this just leaves us at the mercy of whatever direction the day’s winds may be blowing. If we at least set an intention, then we can at least sometimes be in a place of our choosing rather than be blown somewhere else. 

Why is this important? Well of course most of us would like to be happy, but there is also something more. There is a great deal of research that has now confirmed that our cells act and respond in healthier ways when we are happy. The field of psychoneuroimmunology explores the link between our mind and body. Since our nerves and hormones tell our cells how to function, it only makes sense that our mental and emotional state effects our health. 

In the book “Anatomy of an Illness” Norman Cousins describes how he returned to full health (and lived for decades) after his doctors told him he had a terminal illness and couldn’t live more than three more months. He regained his health by using large amounts of vitamin C and creating a life where he laughed and laughed every day. Could it be that his cells got the message that there was something worth living for? Maybe yes or maybe no but for whatever reason his laugh therapy dramatically improved the quality of his life, and instead of dying in three months he lived for many more years. 

It has been said that “Real happiness lies in making others happy” and this may be central to this particular foundational pillar of health. Being happy both rises above and goes deeper than simply getting what we want or having a good time. The roots of happiness are most nourished when we give it away, that is, we bring happiness to someone else. It doesn’t have to be on a big, grand scale. Just a little genuine caring will do. 

A simple smile that uplifts someone, or a simple gesture of kindness that eases a person’s struggle can be sufficient. But once again to achieve this the intention must be there first. We have to plan to be giving happiness or we will too easily miss an opportunity because it’s not in our consciousness. Simply doing something to uplift someone every day – a compassionate thought, a caring word or a kind deed done for someone – will go a long way towards brightening your life and encouraging your cells towards good health. And of course it makes for a better world. 

Some people also describe that paying attention to, and living from, a place that some call the core of their heart makes all the difference. This is actually the place where we experience our deepest happiness. It makes sense that if we do as we are guided to do, follow our heart’s guidance so to speak, then with our “place of happiness” satisfied we will naturally be more happy. It doesn’t get much simpler, or deeper, than this.

Remember this “Intentional Living” is one of the pillars of your health’s foundation. Just because it may sound simple it is not simplistic. It will benefit you to take “Intentional Living” seriously (not solemnly) and do it. The benefits will likely come to amaze you. If you don’t do it you will never know what you missed, how happy you could have been, or how much more your health might have benefitted.


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Uplift someone’s life each day.

A simple act of kindness,

Lightening someone’s heart,

Can also lighten

Your heart.