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Daily Health is the most beneficial foundational nutritional supplement for human beings that we have ever seen. It is an advanced nutritional system designed to enhance good health. The basic vitamins and minerals in Daily Health are just the starting point, but even these are more bioavailable and optimal than what is found in most other supplements.

The vitamins and minerals are in forms demonstrated to have maximum absorption and utilization. They come in the research proven most health enhancing amounts and ratios so you will gain maximum support. But they are only the beginning of this great formula.

After setting a foundation of optimal vitamin and mineral support Daily Health adds in a full formula of digestive enzymes which is more complete and active than many stand alone enzyme supplements. Taken during the early part of a meal these digestive enzymes enhance and improve the digestive process and maximize digestion of all the foods in the meal. In addition they foster better digestion of the nutrients in Daily Health itself.

Daily Health also contains a unique probiotic that makes a home in the human intestinal tract. Instead of doing its job and then being eliminated like most probiotic supplements, the probiotic in Daily Health is welcomed by the human intestinal tract. It takes up residence and enhances a healthy intestinal environment far beyond probiotics that fail to take root, pass through and are eliminated by the body. This probiotic is further supported by an exceptional prebiotic that has also been used by many health care providers as a powerful immune system enhancer.

Daily Health contains significant amounts of specific fruits and vegetables that research has shown to enhance our natural well being. Extra amounts of some of these foods are included that target our eyes, immune function and more.

Next we have significant amounts of bioflavonoids and proanthocyanidins like rutin and resveratrol along with extracts from red wine, pine bark and other nutrient rich sources that further enhance the antioxidant needs of our bodies. Again, the amounts of the nutrients in this portion of Daily Health surpass what is found in many stand alone supplements.

Perhaps the greatest jewels in Daily Health are the adaptogenic and antioxidant herbs. Each herb in this portion, like ginseng, eleuthero, ashwagandha, etc. has been considered as a premiere herb to foster exceptional health in its own part of the world. In Daily Health we bring together these key herbs from around the world into one formula for you to receive these exceptional benefits daily.

Daily Health also includes a full formula of detoxification herbs. Just as we need to bathe on a regular basis to keep the outside of our bodies clean and healthy, so also we need to detoxify the inside of our bodies on a daily basis. We  are exposed to so many known toxins as well as untested chemicals in our world today that daily detoxification is now recognized by many health care experts to be essential for good health.

Finally Daily Health contains a wide range of additional nutrients like N-acetyl l-cysteine, bromelian, l-methionine, alpha-lipoic acid, quercetin, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin and additional nutrients and trace elements to enhance our nutritional support. It is truly the most comprehensive foundational nutritional supplement for human beings that we have ever seen.


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