Body Work (Tui na)


Dr. Gil Alvarado, N.D., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist with over 35 years experience helping people improve their health.

For thousands of years in China, and in many cultures around the world, physicians and healers have used hands-on methods to align people’s spine and joints, relieve and clear their muscle and tendon problems, improve circulation to their inner organs and balance the flow of energy through their bodies. With today’s science we have learned much more about how these hands-on approaches, that the Chinese call “Tui na”, help people.

Spinal Manipulation

For Example we have known for a long time how spinal manipulation is able to facilitate better health. All the major nerves to every organ in the body emerge from the spinal cord and pass between the spinal vertebrae on their way to the organs they enervate. By properly and skillfully aligning the vertebrae, the nerve flow to every organ in the body is improved, and this improved nerve flow fosters better health for the person who receives it.

It is important that spinal manipulation is done by a skilled practitioner who knows how to properly manipulate the spine. Dr. Gil has trained in and mastered several methods of spinal manipulation. He offers each person the form of hands-on care that will benefit them most.

Soft-tissue Body Work

In Tui na, soft-tissue body work is done not just to help our muscles and tendons but also to free up and improve the functioning of the deeper organs of the body. By effectively working with the soft tissues of the body it is possible to improve muscle and tendon physiology and there-by enhance healthy and comfortable movement. But with advanced skills it is also possible to enhance the functioning of some of the deeper organs in the body.

The skill required to do this work effectively requires more than just academic courses and hands on training. The person doing the Tui na must be able to effectively feel the condition of the tissues under their hands and respond appropriately. Dr. Gil’s patients consistently tell him that they feel and experience this skill in his hands.

Energy Balancing

It is also possible to further enhance a person’s healing process with hands-on energy balancing. When this is called for it can clear the way for a person’s very deep inner healing.

The first person Dr. Gil had the good fortune to study with was Wong Lee Foon, a seventh generation Chinese physician from China. Wong incorporated hands-on Tui na body work and energy balancing into the help he gave his clients. Some of the understanding, methods and approaches Wong used have only rarely been taught in the current schools and Dr. Gil is very thankful for the experience of studying with him.

When you come to The New Life Center Dr. Gil will determine if and which forms of Tui na body work may be helpful for you. He will offer you a personalized program for your health and healing that may include this hands-on care as well as other methods mentioned on this web site. The personal care you receive will be directed to give you relief from your symptoms, help you correct the source of your problems, and bring about a healthier and happier life for you.