Dr. Gil Alvarado, N.D., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist with over 35 years experience helping people improve their health.

Hippocrates said “Nature is the healer”. Naturopathy is an approach to healing that restores people to good health by using the gifts of nature to bring about healthy detoxification, nourishment, energy and balance in their lives.

To foster this return to health naturopathy uses many tools and remedies. The most common and best known of these are diet and nutrition, herbs, body-work, mental and emotional care, and life-style counseling. By proficiently combining these and other tools with modern scientific advancements, Dr. Gil has been able to bring healing to many people who were unable to find help elsewhere.

As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Gil’s education at a fully accredited naturopathic medical school (please see “About Dr. Gil” on this web site) included the full range of modern biological science. His training integrated this science with naturopathic approaches in a manner that fosters healing without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or harsh treatments that all too often result in uncomfortable or harmful side-effects.

In the past fifty-plus years there has been an immense amount of research done which recognizes and proves the benefits and importance of the naturopathic methods mentioned above. Federally accredited naturopathic medical schools, such as the one Dr. Gil attended, are the only accredited medical schools in the United States that incorporate these natural methods at the foundation level of training for physicians. As a result, Dr. Gil’s approach to healing is safe, intelligent and effective, and has helped many people to regain or maintain the good health and happiness they desire.

When you come to The New Life Center, Dr. Gil will offer you a personalized program for your healing that will foster the relief of your symptoms, help you correct the source of your problems, and help you to have a healthier and happier life.