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“Supplements” are appropriately named. Diet and lifestyle come first – then the herbs and nutrients can “supplement” our needs. So why do so many people have much healthier lives when they take good quality nutritional and herbal supplements? When I first went to naturopathic medical school and acupuncture school I didn’t plan on giving people pills. Why not just eat good food and brew herbal teas as necessary? As I learned the biochemistry of the body, however, it became clear that due to the massive amounts of toxins and pollutants that we are all exposed to in today’s world we all require far more nutrients that we can get by simply eating even extra large amounts of food. Of course even if we could eat extra large amounts of food, that would create other problems.

,One of the major jobs of the nutrients we consume is to detoxify and clear our bodies. Currently many people experience a great amount of unnecessary suffering because it’s really impossible to eat enough food to get enough of the nutrients needed to detoxify our bodies in today’s toxic world. In today’s world we are exposed to tens of thousands of man-made toxic substances that didn’t exist before. We do, however, have the opportunity to help ourselves overcome this problem by “supplementing” our food with key nutrients and herbs to regain and to maintain our optimal health. It is with this understanding that I have created, collected, and offered, for myself, my family and for you, my clients, the supplements shown here. I am thankful for all of us to be able to receive this exceptional nutritional support and foster our optimal health.


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